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Keywords: spray pump assembly machine, emulsion pump assembly machine

Product Details

Features of multi-axis screw machine:

1. The multi-axis automatic locking screw machine arranges multiple locking screw heads according to the position of the workpiece locking screw. When the workpiece is fixed in position by the jig, multiple axes lock the screws at the same time. No matter how many axes the screwing cycle is, the locking cycle is the same. The screws are the same
2. This system is customized according to the requirements of the customer's workpiece. The screw locking method, feeding method, number of bits, position, feeding method, and locking torque can all be set according to the customer's specific requirements.
3. It can be used with a rotating turntable or rotating cylinder to increase production efficiency. It can reach 2 to 20 axes. It can be designed to lock horizontally, obliquely and in multiple directions at the same time to meet different production needs. It can be designed to be combined with a flexible production line to achieve unmanned production. Various detection functions (such as sliding teeth, floating locks, leaky locks) can be added upon request to ensure the reliability of quality.
4. Minimum distance of multi-axis automatic locking screws: 10mm, maximum hole distance is unlimited


Advantages of multi-axis locking screw machine:

1. Lock multiple screws at the same time, which can replace multiple workers; the number of axes can be customized according to customer requirements
2. The electric screwdriver transmits the torque to lock the screw through the universal transmission shaft. The screw hole position is easy to adjust and the product type is easy to change.
3. The operator just picks and places the product, and the machine automatically locks the screws and can judge whether the screws are locked properly. If there are products with poor locking, the machine will alarm, making it easy to distinguish defective products.
4. The machine is very cost-effective, and the cost can generally be recovered within one year.
5. Good versatility. Can remove a certain electric batch without locking screws
6. The machine is simple and practical, and can be easily set up to lock any number of screws. For example, the 8-axis machine can lock products with less than or equal to 8 screws. Employees can quickly master the operation and debugging.
7. The machine is placed on the table, and an aluminum profile frame can also be purchased (customized according to customer requirements)
8. The screw hooking mechanism is used to sort the screws and transport them to the screw distribution system. The screws are distributed through the distribution system and sent to the lock mouth through air pipe pressure. The electric screwdriver locks the screws into the product.


Multi-axis screw machine performance parameters

1. The number of locking axes is 2-20, optional
2. There is leakage lock/floating lock/sliding tooth detection
3. High reliability and durability, the electrical and gas systems all use original imported components
4. The position and height of the spindle can be adjusted to adapt to the rapid replacement of different products.
5. Can cooperate with the assembly line to achieve fully automatic operation
6. Locking speed: 2-5 seconds/PCS, depending on the length of the screw
7. Torque adjustment: Each axis can be adjusted individually
8. Air source: 5-7kg/cm2
9. Power supply: 220V 50Hz, power 300W
10. Suitable for screws: M1- -M6, length less than 45mm
11. Suitable products: toys, optoelectronics, computers, plastics and other products.



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