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Full plastic gun piston assembly machine

Keywords: spray pump assembly machine, emulsion pump assembly machine

Product Details

Equipment application:

The equipment is mainly aimed at the assembly of the all-plastic gun spray pump head developed and manufactured by the sprayer industry. The equipment is mainly full plastic gun piston connecting rod 2 sets of automatic assembly machine. A full set of all-plastic square guns has a total of 5 sets of automated assembly. At present, the production capacity can be 150-160 units per minute, and the operation is far simpler and more flexible than the previous equipment.


Equipment features:

1, dual-channel design to ensure production capacity;

2, products in place have detection function;

3. The entire product is fed, assembled, tested, and discharging to ensure that the surface of the product is not scratched and free of oil stains;

4, qualified products and unqualified products are separated;

5, the equipment counting function ensures that customers can easily record and count the output every week, every month and every year;

6. The equipment is simple and easy to operate, one worker can take care of 2-3 sets;

7, equipment warranty: 12 months.


Basic parameters

Product Name

All-plastic trigger sprayer assembly machine

(Piston, connecting rod)

Ability to work

60-65 Pcs/Min




700 kgs


220/380V, 50HZ

Working mode

Fully automatic


1 person

Servo motor


PLC controller


Laser Sensor





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