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Perfume spray pump transparent cover intubation machine

Keywords: spray pump assembly machine, emulsion pump assembly machine

Product Details

Automatic perfume pump parts assembly machine: This is out cover and tube dip machine for a perfume pump.Used for the assembly of the parts of the perfume pump, beautiful equipment, low price, widely favored by customers at home and abroad

 It has a series of automatic operations such as automatic feeding, assembly and detection.Advanced high-performance PLC with touch screen control, frequency control, more simple operation, energy saving.

It has a simple and convenient man-machine interface. The system has the function of whole body self inspection and multiple illegal operation safety protection to protect the safety of operators.



Basic parameters


Product name

Automatic out cover and tube dip machine

Product model


Application type


Mist sprayer production

Working mode

fully automatic



working space





220V/380V 50Hz





Display mode

Human machine interface himI







Touch screen

Delta / wellon

servo motor



Pneumatic components

Adek, SMC


HIWIN / contractor

External interface



Hua Yifeng / geens




 Pre sales service:

According to the needs of customers, carry out on-site technical consultation and collection of relevant technical data; 

Introduce and discuss the feasibility of the design scheme to customers;

3 The design scheme shall be improved after consensus and confirmed by both parties.


after-sale service:1Free installation, debugging and training of operators and maintenance personnel; 2. Three guarantees for one year, lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply; 3. Bear the transportation costs of equipment and accessories; 4. Respond within 2 hours of after-sales service and provide solutions; for faults that can not be solved by telephone, arrange professional personnel to the site immediately for service;5. Spare parts supply, spare parts replacement without on-site service are EMC fast delivery; 6, spare parts replacement, as well as the whole equipment provided, enjoy a one-year warranty (consumables are not included in this item); 7, after-sales service personnel and equipment management personnel carry out regular daily communication, provide guidance for common faults and daily maintenance.

Automation advantages

for you to solve the labor more and more difficult to recruit worries;

Provide enough energy storage for your production capacity to cope with the market order demand that may expand at any time;

Reduce the cost of manual training for you, and greatly improve the unity of product quality;

Service case

Our products have been serving many customers in the industry, bringing obvious benefits and values to many customers. On the basis of serving many customers, we continue to improve our pre-sale and after-sale experience, and continue to improve the application of our products in the actual environment.

Industry application

Products are widely used in cosmetics industry, cleaning and washing industry, daily chemical industry, disinfectant industry, etc.

Applicable specifications

It is suitable for automatic assembly of three and four components of switch pump and screw pump.

Huagong automation for excellence

Ningbo Huagong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the integration of automation equipment and automation production scheme system. The company has gathered a group of elites in electronics, machinery, numerical control and finishing industry, constantly seeking for refinement and innovation, survival by quality, development by service, and continuous production of stable and excellent equipment for users.The products are not only sold in China, but also exported to many countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and many other countries, and are now working closely with the Ningbo bull group, Zhejiang Songyuan Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd., Ningbo Yongjia AI auto supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jinma spray, Kyoto spray, Ningbo Zheng Yao appliance, Dongguan Wei Feng Hardware Electronics and other well-known domestic enterprises.

scope of business

1.Development and design of various non-standard equipment;

2. Localization design of imported equipment;

3. Design of mechanical and electrical products (mechanical design; control circuit design);

4. Imitation design and improvement design of various mechanical equipment;

5. Development and design of non-standard products with special functions according to the needs of customers;

6. Development and design of various power machinery;

7. Design and manufacture of various production lines and coating equipment.


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